taste the unique flavor of nepalese momo dumplings in downtown helsinki

The story

the authentic nepalese street food

We grew up in the streets of Kathmandu eating MoMos. In our younger days, we dodged school lunches and mums dinners to relish MoMos from a corner vendor. MoMo House Helsinki brings the rich authentic Nepalese MoMo flavors to Punavuori, Helsinki.

A traditional nepalese dumpling with a modern twist

Nepalese momos are an edible work of art. Tucked inside each delectable MoMo is a mixture of fresh ingredients; either meat or vegetables, that are stuffed inside the thin dumpling dough. The real savor comes comes from the aromatic mix of herbs and spices with the main ingredients.

The flavors

The location

cozy restaurant in the heart of punavuori helsinki

We are located in Pursimiehenkatu 8, Punavuori Helsinki. We have a few tables to enjoy your momos here, or pop over to pick up your meal to enjoy at home.