what are momos?

The Chinese influenced them, the Tibetans invented them, and the Nepalis perfected them. We Nepalese believethe best type of dumpling is the MoMs. While it looks like any other dumplings, the handmade dough wrapper is filled with seasoned meat or vegetables with selected herbs and spices. In MoMo House Helsinki we have tried to replicate the whole process as authentic as possible. Sauce is an important ingredient to compliment MoMos. While MoMo sauce can come in various forms, we have our own recipe of tomato sauce mixed with roasted soya beans. For the brave souls, we have our own homemade chilli sauce.

a traditional nepalese street food

There is a saying that we nepalese go to a restaurant, spend 20 minutes flipping through pages of a menu and end up ordering a plate of MoMos. This is probably true in most cases. Thus, MoMo is one dish you won’t miss in any Nepali menu. 

flavours and variations

Water buffalo meat replaced the original Tibetan Yak meat as the primary ingredient in MoMos when the Kathmandu merchants brought MoMos to Kathmandu. Those who didn’t eat buffalo meat started to enjoy MoMos with chicken. Vegetarians made their own version with various combinations of non-meat products. 

how to enjoy a momo

In MoMo House Helsinki we have tried to replicate the authentic recipe. In addition, we highlight the handmade dumplings with Finnish herbs and flowers. Our sauce is simple yet full of taste. The only person who knows our sauce recipe is our key chefs. Primarily we use baked fresh tomatoes as the base mixed with roasted soya beans grounded and mixed with other herbs and spices.